Living healthy takes a lot of work. Take the uncertainty out with a personal, digital coach through healthyou!

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healthyou improves users’ health by combining the power of an activity tracking device with expert evaluation.With data analysis, weekly feedback, and personal encouragement, users embark on a lifelong trajectory of healthy living.


In person check-ins and training.

Insightful Analysis

Weekly progress and motivation reports.

Lovable Results

Love the results of a healthier life.

Fitbit Zip

Beginner Basics

Not sure where to start or need a quick and easy monitor to get started? We integrate with Fitbit! Just wear the Fitbit every day, sync the results, and then send them to us and we’ll process, analyze, and give you feedback. Getting started couldn’t be easier!

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The Next Level

Already off to a good start and ready to take the next step? We integrate with Garmin heart rate watches and chest strap monitors. These are the most accurate devices to track your heartrate and workouts. When you sync your data with us, we can quickly provide lots of personalized feedback.

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Either Level

The Polar Loop gives flexibility to your needs. Add a heartrate monitor seamlessly if you want to step up your game or just use the Loop itself to track your activity throughout the day.

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I have been exercising for about 5 years. But at the insistence of my daughter, I purchased a Garmin Heart rate monitor and began to “kick” my workouts up through healthyou.  I enjoy having the watch as an incentive to work at a higher rate as I had done previously.  I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to do intervals on the treadmill. I particularly look forward to my feedback from my coach and try to heed the comments given.

Pam G.

I was in a slump in my daily exercise routine and had never realized that I needed to get my heart rate up, on a consistent basis. With healthyou I have tangible evidence right in front of me to track my daily activity.

Phillip P.

It is fascinating to see data from my exercise, but it’s even better to have someone who can take that information and suggest ways to improve. Especially helpful were the practical tips when I ran into problems, such as sore muscles after exercise.

Heather A.

I have really noticed an improvement in how I feel. Now when I get home from a stressful day I want to walk instead of eat a dessert.

Shonda H.

Jane from healthyou has been extremely supportive as I have set my personal goals and worked towards achieving them. Her coaching and partnership has been invaluable as I strive to be active and healthy!

Elizabeth S.